Code of Conduct & Professional Ethics

Liquigas-Liban is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of business integrity and professionalism. We are fully committed to ensuring that these impeccable standards are consistently followed. To achieve this, our Board of Directors has approved a comprehensive Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics, which serves as a guiding principle for all members of our organization. This code sets out the expected norms of behavior and conduct, encompassing everyone from the Board of Directors to the management and staff.

Anchored by our fundamental principles of Excellence, Safety, Transparency, and Sustainability, our code forms the bedrock of our ethical framework. It drives our actions and showcases our unwavering dedication to sustainable progress. Our code incorporates globally recognized best practices derived from our diverse organizational backgrounds, providing clear guidelines for the roles, conduct and performance of our valued staff.

Sanctions Compliance

Liquigas-Liban is fully committed to upholding rigorous compliance with international sanctions and stringent regulations imposed by various authoritative bodies, including the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This unwavering commitment extends to all individuals and entities associated with Liquigas-Liban, encompassing our dedicated staff members, executives, valued leadership, investors, trusted corporate partners, representatives and collaborative stakeholders.

 To ensure the integrity of our governance framework, we have a dedicated Compliance and Governance Function that ensures strict adherence to industry regulations and best practices, with an emphasis on encouraging strong relationships, both locally and internationally. We also prioritize conducting thorough due diligence by utilizing reputable screening systems like Refinitiv World Check WC1 to identify and address potential risks. In summary, Liquigas is committed to transparency, ethics, values and adhering to best practices.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

At Liquigas-Liban, we are resolute in our commitment to ethical business practices and the highest standards of integrity across all facets of our operations. Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy stands as a testament to our dedication to compliance with pertinent anti-bribery regulations and the adoption of industry-leading standards in the regions where we operate. Endorsed by our Board of Directors and in alignment with the Anti-Corruption Guidelines of the Wolfsberg Group, as per their latest revision dated April 17, 2023, we ensure that all our personnel, executives, supervisors, board members and stakeholders fully understand and adhere to these foundational principles.

Liquigas-Liban places great importance on maintaining ethical integrity, reliability, and financial transparency. We are dedicated to upholding the highest moral standards and adhering to all relevant rules and regulations, even as we operate in various locations. The act of bribery, encompassing the offering, delivering, or acceptance of any form of advantage—be it financial or otherwise—with the intent to influence, reward, or motivate individuals to engage in dishonest behavior upon acceptance, is strictly prohibited.

Complaints Policy

Liquigas-Liban gives significant importance to the input and concerns expressed by our external stakeholders. We acknowledge the possibility of encountering legal issues or instances of mismanagement related to administrative procedures, practices, policies, business activities, and approaches. In response to these potential challenges, we have established a comprehensive Complaints Management Policy aimed at facilitating prompt and effective resolution of any such concerns. Our commitment to addressing and resolving issues underscores our dedication to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in our operations.

Managing concerns entails the handling of personal information regarding the individual expressing discontent or acting as a representative for the organization or legal entity raising the issue. The Board of Directors has endorsed this protocol to steer the reception, management and resolution of grievances in a swift, efficient, and proficient manner. Our objective is to maintain our standing as an institution that delivers top-tier professional offerings, all while remaining open and responsive to the contentment and needs of our clientele.

Whistleblowers Policy

At Liquigas-Liban, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our activities. We strongly emphasize the responsibility of every member within our organization to raise concerns or questions regarding any possible breaches of our Code of Conduct, relevant company policies, legal requirements, or regulations. In line with this commitment, the Whistleblowing Policy has been officially endorsed by the Board of Directors at Liquigas-Liban.

The Transparency Initiative aims to foster an environment of open communication, enabling our team members to express their concerns promptly. We acknowledge the significance of preserving the anonymity of individuals who come forward to report any misconduct. As a result, our initiative ensures the utmost protection of whistleblowers’ identities.

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