Who We Are

With a strong commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity, Liquigas-Liban has established itself as a major player in the import, storage, and distribution of top-quality petrochemical products. Our dedication to providing reliable products has earned us an outstanding reputation in the Lebanese market. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to sustainability and maintaining an eco-friendly environment. 

With a diverse team of professional experts and an 300-member workforce, supported by a board of directors with extensive experience in the industry, we ensure the highest standards of quality control and uphold our commitment to serving the nation. At Liquigas-Liban, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers and serving the community. Our strategic objectives include diversification into renewable energy to better serve the local energy sector.

Our Story

Liquigas is an Italian company that was incorporated in Lebanon in 1964, with its headquarters located in Zouk Mikael. In 2005, the Alfred Yamin Family acquired the business, and with their strong work ethic, solid integrity, and dedication to providing dependable products, Liquigas-Liban established an outstanding reputation in the Lebanese market. As a result, the company experienced significant growth and became a major player in the import, storage, and distribution of top-quality petrochemical products to wholesalers and retailers.

In 2016, Alfred Yamin Family acquired The Coral Oil Company, which became a sister company to Liquigas-Liban. This marked a significant milestone in the expansion plan and allowed the company to increase its market share, capturing one-third of the Lebanese market.

Our Vision

To sustain excellence in all aspects of the petro-chemical industry.

Our Mission

To excel in supplying premium quality products, providing improved services and maintaining an eco-friendly environment.

Our Philosophy

At Liquigas-Liban we believe that serving our customers to the best of our abilities is the best road to success for the entire nation.



We strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in all aspects of our activities, particularly in our service to our clients.


We never compromise on safety in any of our endeavors and operations in order to preserve the safety of our community, our workforce, our resources and environment.

Transparency & Candor

We uphold the utmost standards of transparency, nurturing a culture of openness, communication, empathy, and accountability.


We are deeply committed to ethical and environmentally responsible practices, as we strive to sustain and foster connections with the communities in which we operate.

No Commitment too Big

In Donations

Community Initiatives

Customers Served


Commitment to Customers

Everything we do is for the welfare of our country and our people. As Lebanon’s leading importer and distributor of gasoline, diesel and Jet A-1, we see that role as a responsibility to serve the nation.

Upholding the Highest Standards

We take quality control very seriously, which is why all our products comply with the highest international standards and regulations, as well as with the strict requirements of the state.

Sustainability & Diversification

We have long-term plans in place in order to diversify to renewable energy to better serve the local energy sector.

Our Board

Oscar Alfred Yamin

Oscar Alfred Yamin


Antonio Alfred Yammine

Antonio Alfred Yammine

General Manager and Board Member

Edgar Alfred Yamin

Edgar Alfred Yamin

Director and Board Member

Exemplary Leadership

Each member of our Board of Directors, which is currently supported by a large team of professional experts and an 300-member workforce, has extensive experience in the petroleum supply and distribution industry and has played a pivotal role in supporting the Group’s sustained
growth and performance, helping it attain a leading position and market share in the sector. The Chairman of the Board, in particular, ensures that the Board functions efficiently, fulfills its responsibilities and discusses strategic issues in a timely manner. This guarantees that the Group is able to operate smoothly and adapt to changing market conditions as needed.

Despite the economic and financial crisis faced by the region in 2022, the Board members remained committed to maintaining strong relationships with the Group’s suppliers. This enabled the uninterrupted supply of petroleum products to Lebanese consumers, highlighting the Board’s dedication to fulfilling its responsibilities even in times of adversity.

Currently, the Board is working diligently to implement sound corporate governance principles that align with international best practices. This will ensure the adoption of a comprehensive governance framework that fosters accountability, transparency and effective risk management practices throughout the Group.

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Zouk Mikael Sea Road
P.O.Box: 150

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