About Us

Located in Zouk Mikael, Liquigas Liban is an Italian Company that was incorporated in Lebanon in 1964.

Forty-One years later, in 2005, “The Business” was acquired by Alfred Yamin Family. With hard work, high levels of integrity and commitment to providing reliable products, Liquigas Liban built an excellent reputation in the Lebanese market. This paved the way for its dynamic growth to become one of the main pillars in the Industry of importing, storing, and distributing high quality petrochemical products to both wholesalers and retailers.

By the end of 2016, The Coral Oil Company was acquired by Alfred Yamin Family to become a sister Company to Liquigas Liban, achieving a major milestone of the expansion plan and increasing market share to become one third of the Lebanese Market.

Company Board:

Liquigas Liban is led by ambitious, dedicated and experienced leaders working closely and striving for continuous improvements and achievements.

  • Shareholder & Chairman – Mr. Oscar Yamin
  • Shareholder & Board Member – Mr. Antonio Yamin
  • Shareholder & Board Member – Mr. Edgard Yamin

Company Vision:

Sustain excellence in all aspects of the Petrochemical industry.

Company Mission:

To excel in supplying premium quality products, providing improved services and maintaining an eco- friendly environment.