Company Profile
  • Company specializes in importing, storing and distributing refined petroleum products.
  • The company has established whole sale and retail operations all over Lebanon.
  • Its storage capacity of gasoline, diesel oil and jet fuel is distributed in 7 tanks, and 3 other tanks for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) storage.
  • Private Sea Port Terminal with 5 sea lines as follows :
    • 12 inches for gasoline and diesel oil discharge
    • 12 inches for jet fuel discharge
    • 8 inches for LPG discharge (liquid)
    • 4 inches for LPG discharge ( vapor )
  • Product distribution through a fleet of 44 trucks to all lebanese territories
  • Around 110 employees
  • Yearly turnover of 250 million USD
  • To import, store and distribute refined product in a private sea port and storage terminal with capacity of arround 40000 metric tons.
  • Reaching 350 million USD in annual sales in 2017.
  • Increasing its station network directly.
  • Increasing its sales and retail operations by distributing gas oil, to end users.